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Russian State Duma decides to ‘adopt’ all illegal immigrants from Ukraine

The deputies of A Just Russia party introduced a bill entitling the Ukrainians to claim for Russian citizenship and residence in the Russian Federation without providing a certificate from the Ukrainian migration service.

The document is available in an electronic database of the lower house of the parliament, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the press service of the State Duma.

Mikhail Emelyanov, one of the authors of the bill, says that in order to receive Russian citizenship, a Ukrainian should get a document from the migration service of this country that he is no longer a citizen of Ukraine. Thus, it is necessary not only to write an application request renouncing the Ukrainian citizenship, but to get a certificate from the Ukrainian authorities stating "that he was taken out of the Ukrainian citizenship."

"Well, who will give such a certificate in Kyiv now to the residents of the Donbas?" Emelyanov asks.

The suggested document proposes to allow the citizens of Ukraine just to write a statement saying that they unilaterally waive Ukrainian citizenship and send a copy to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. "That's enough for them to obtain Russian citizenship," said Emelyanov.

It should be recalled that according to the presidential decree published on the official web portal of the Legal Information, more than 50 people, including 35 Ukrainians, already obtained Russian citizenship.

Russian citizenship was also granted to the natives of Belgium, Armenia, Kazakhstan, India, Afghanistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam.