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Australia enacts new sanctions against Russia

Australian authorities have enacted the sanctions discussed in September.

Russia continues to drown in the sea of sanctions. On Tuesday, March 31, Julie Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, stated that Australia imposed expanded economic sanctions against Moscow, which include an embargo for arms, equipment for the mining industry, as well as restrictions to investments in infrastructure and financial instruments.

Personal part of the sanction list consists of 63 citizens of Russia and Ukraine implicated in the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donbas. The sanction list also includes 21 Russian companies.

The politician reminded that the sanctions had been discussed back in September and are similar to those imposed by the United States and Canada because of the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine.

it should be recalled that according to the Russian political scientists Yevgenia Albats, Putin is sick of sanctions and intends to withdraw its troops from the Donbas.