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Andriy Parubiy scares Ukraine with Putin’s army offensive before May 9

Russian President Vladimir Putin may launch a major offensive in order to gain another victory by May 9.

Andriy Parubiy

Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to start a large-scale offensive after May 9, says Andriy Parubiy, Vice-Speaker for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Novoye Vremya newspaper.

"Enormous forces are pulled in now on the border between Ukraine and Russia. According to many reports, it is no longer a secret that for the next week there is a high risk of large-scale military operation. According to Putin, it must be lightning-fast, conducted before May 9 and it will demonstrate the power of the Russian army," said Parubiy.

Parubiy also said he was actively working on the issue of granting Ukraine lethal weapons. "I am in constant contact with McCain, who is one of the engines of the process. I hope there will be a positive decision," believes Parubiy.

"Some of the officials of the Presidential Administration of the United States told us:" You go to Berlin and Paris and convince them. "And I say no. When we were signing an agreement on nuclear-free status, neither Berlin, not Paris gave us guarantees. Washington gave us guarantees. And if Washington considers itself a leader, it must feel and realize that leadership is not only a status. It is the responsibility and ability to make decisions," says the vice-speaker.