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Putin to start real war not in Ukraine, but in Arctic

Florian Ritter, an analyst at Telepolis, calls escalation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine a "red herring". According to him, this time there is being conducted a build-up of forces in other regions - the Arctic, where a real war for the world domination is likely to flare up.

The fact that the conflict in the Donbas almost does not develop may be a proof that Russia has no aggressive plans in relation to Ukraine, especially Europe. Russia has calmed down by getting Crimea, which became its economic burden.

At the same time, Moscow does not hesitate to increase its force in the Arctic, hold exercises, and build bases. According to Florian Ritter, it is this region, that can become a springboard for the battle for world domination. The resources in the North are much more important for Russia than the resources of the Donbas and whole Ukraine.

According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, each State Party has the right to have a patch of coastal waters of 12 nautical miles. In addition, another 200 nautical miles can be used for economic purposes. Plus another 150 miles, if the state can show that the continental shelf extends beyond 200 nautical miles from its coastline.

It is a dispute over the continental shelf, rich in mineral resources, the United States, Russia, Canada, Norway and Denmark have. Moreover, the Russian Federation is forced to provide evidence for the use of coherent 200 miles, while there are no such restrictionsn for other countries.

Therefore, the expert says, it is possible that some state party of the Convention does not agree with the decision. In this case, it is necessary to expect military option for resolving of the conflict. Besides Russia, its military presence in the Arctic have been increased by Canada, Norway, and Denmark. However, it is the Russian Federation who advances the most extensive demands in the Arctic and demonstrates its military presence in the region the most.