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Norway finds out where Putin was

The recent mysterious disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to haunt the minds.

Thus, Joinfo.ua reminds that the master of the Kremlin had not appeared in public for 11 days, which have generated a wave of rumors and quite understandable hopes. The Kremlin has not provided an official explanation why did Putin disappear for so impressive period of time.

However, the Norwegians found him. They created a video "Where did Putin go?", which have become one of the most viewed videos.

The cartoon shows Russian guarantor's vacation. First he "travels" – rides, lying on the tank turret, with the Ukrainian flag waving in the background.

Then Putin goes "fishing", when the Russian leader launches nuclear missiles from a submarine. After that, together with Korean dictator Kim Jong-un he pranks Barack Obama on the phone.

The video has already had nearly a million views. According to Newsweek, which posted the article about the creation of the Norwegians, the majority of the viewers are from the territory of the former USSR. According to Norwegian media reports, about 76% of video views befall to Russia, 8% of the audience are from Ukraine and 4% – from Kazakhstan.