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Putin will never leave Kremlin, he will die there

Garry Kasparov, one of the leaders of the Russian opposition, again urged the West to toughen sanctions against Russia and provide Ukraine with lethal weapon. He believes that Putin will not change his mind - his goal is to stay in the Kremlin for life.

Garry Kasparov

Europe should not give up, and President Putin must "pay greater price" for his "arrogance". Such demands of the Russian opposition society were announced by the Kremlin's opponent Garry Kasparov. He had never feared the wrath of the supporters of Putin's policies, and had the reputation of Russophob. Now Kasparov asks not only for tougher sanctions against Russia, but also weapons for Ukraine.

According to Kasparov, the sole goal of Putin is power. He will do everything to die in the Kremlin. But every day of his existence at the helm of Russia could lead to new problems and losses in Europe. After all, Putin is the first man who forcibly changed the borders of Europe since the last century.

Kasparov called on to form another "Berlin Wall" – a set of rules of liberalism, the coalition against evil. Otherwise, the opposition says, Putin will go even further on in Ukraine, and in the Baltic states.

Kasparov calls on no only to provide Ukraine with weapons, but also to tighten sanctions. And weapon is not enough. He cites the words of his mother who lived under the Stalinist regime, but did not face such a level of hatred that exists now in the Russian Federation.

Therefore, the opposition leader calls on Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte not to go to Moscow on May 9 on the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany not to heat the arrogance of Putin.