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U.S. Congress adopts resolution urging to give Ukraine lethal weapon

March 23, the U.S. Congress, or rather the House of Representatives adopted a resolution that calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons.

U.S. Congress adopts resolution calling to give Ukraine lethal weapon

According to the official website of the House of Representatives, with 48 votes against and 348 in favor, the U.S. Congress voted for the appeal to Obama to provide Ukraine with military assistance for protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Joinfo.ua reports.

According to the authors of the document, independent, democratic, and prosperous Ukraine corresponds to the national interests of the United States. The document also states that the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin undermine independence of Ukraine by political, economic, and military aggressive actions, violating territorial integrity of the country.

According to the members of the Congress, the Russian aggression is not only illegal annexation of Crimea, but also the creation and control of separatists in other regions of Ukraine, as well as supply of separatists with deadly weapons. Putin's support of militants in the Donbas led to the deaths of more than 6,000 people, 15 thousand people are wounded and more than a million are displaced.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that Ukraine broke the blockade on arms and had already signed 70% of contracts.