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DPR separatists announce their own mobile operator

DPR authorities announced the imminent completion of the process of creating their own mobile operator, which will not receive calls from subscribers of the Ukrainian operators.

The DPR authorities states that the process of creating their own mobile operator is almost complete. It was announced today by Victor Yatsenko, the self-constituted Minister of Communications of the DPR at a briefing in the DAN press center, Joinfo.ua reports.

"The construction is held 24 hours a day. There were many problems. Thank those professionals, who have returned to Donetsk. We are at the finish line," said Yatsenko.

According to Yatsenko, the mobile operator will set a fixed monthly fee.

"This will be a small sum, about 20 hryvnia per month for all incoming and outgoing calls," said the self-constituted minister.

According to him, at the initial stage the new operator will function only in the territory occupied by the militants. "A number will consist of seven digits. It could make or accept a call only from the number of the same operator. Our mobile operator will be unavailable for the Ukrainian ones," said the "official".

"The situation makes us accelerate the launch of our own operator, since the Ukrainian security services have established a total wiretap of the subscribers living in the territory of the republic," explained Yatsenko.

"There was held the first closed commission regarding the name for the operator. By the end of the week we will filter out about 25 names, then end up with ten, post them on the website with the names of people offering the ideas, and then the head of the republic will make the final approval of the name," said Yatsenko.

The creation of the DPR operator was announced on February 5.