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Ukraine to suppress riots according to American scheme

Ukrainian authorities will create a special division, aimed at suppressing anti-government uprisings. It was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The division will be created with American money and according to American schemes.

Ukraine to suppress riots according to American scheme

In Ukraine may appear a special division KORD, whose main task is the suppression of mass unrest and anti-government uprisings. The establishment of such a decision has been discussed in the Ministry of Interior before, now they have financing – 26 million provided by the U.S. for the reforms in the Ukrainian police.

Volunteer battalions, merged into a single structure under the Ministry of Interior will the basis for the division. In fact, it is expected to be an equivalent of the American SWAT, the men conducting operations putting their lives at risk.

The need to create KORD was proved during the confrontation in the Donbas. Moreover, it is not just about fighting confrontations, but also suppressing riots, alike the one in Kostantynivka.

The World Socialist Web Site news agency fears that KORD will be used for suppression of dissent in Ukraine and crackdown of any mass actions. Since the KORD employees can become those who are now openly carrying Nazi symbols in volunteer battalions. Moreover, there are concerns that in the case of mass riots the special forces soldiers are allowed to shoot to kill.