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Lithuania resumes general military duty

Today, in the country is half the army men than it should be. Therefore, the Seimas decided to resume general military duty.

Thus, the Lithuanian Parliament ordered the Lithuanian government to prepare the draft law by May 1, 2015. The first recruits will be called upon to serve in August-September this year. According to the decision, the appeal was introduced for 5 years, Joinfo.ua reports.

Every year, the army will call up to 3-3.5 thousand people aged from 19 to 26 for military service. The training will last for 9 months. Within 5 years it is planned to prepare 17-22 thousand people.

At this point, there are disputes on the subject of who can be drafted into the army. Some suggest that it should be people with higher education and who are already working, others think that it must be all the unemployed citizens.

Lithuania refused to compulsory military service in 2008. Now, the armed forces of Lithuania number 8,000 professional soldiers, 4,500 volunteers and 2,000 civilians working in military structures. This is half of what is needed. The renewal of military duty was offered by the State Defence Council of the country, given the geopolitical situation in the region and the Russian-Ukrainian war.