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Putin did not disappear, he was preparing second Cuban Missile Crisis

The question 'Where was Vladimir Putin?' continues to disturb both Russian and international political circles. According to analysts of the Baltic Centre for Russian Studies, the Russian president used his disappearance to prepare the second Cuban missile crisis.

Not where was he, but what was he doing at that moment. This question is the main one, says Vladimir Yushkin, the head of the Baltic Research Center of Russia.

According to the expert, the Kremlin's master could use the time spent outside of the public sphere for the cold-blooded preparation of any conspiracy, in particular, to create a second Cuban missile crisis, when the world was on the brink of the nuclear war.

However, in order to compete with the United States, it is necessary to overcome the technical backwardness, especially in the military sphere. This can be done, says the analyst, disposing Russian nuclear warheads as close to America as possible.

And Cuba, where the Russians restore its military presence, is not enough, since the Americans are planning to use X51 hypersonic missiles, which can not be detected or tracked down. To do this, the Russians are preparing a second foothold in Central America. They have already signed the agreements with Venezuela and Nicaragua on presence of the Russian naval forces in the ports of these countries. Also the Russian troops are engaging in completing building a canal in Nicaragua, like the Panama one. In fact, the analyst says, the crisis is already prepared – perhaps during his disappearance Putin was working on the steps necessary for its implementation.