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“I Am Civilizer”: new video response to Russian invaders blows up social networks

On YouTube there is another answer to the Russian propaganda movie called "I Am Russian Occupant."

Joinfo.ua previously reported that the Ukrainians created a video response to the jingoistic movie "I Am Russian Occupant". The authors of the video response unscrambled the creation of Russian propaganda with the facts omitted by the apologists of the "Russian peace". A few days later there was a second version of the video response – even more rigid one.

A new video contrasts the "occupant" rhetoric of the Kremlin to the rhetoric of "civilizing", compares devastation and death of the "Russian peace" to the progress and achievements.

"Hi! I am civilizer. This is my calling, it was determined by history.

Success comes along with me. Western Europe, the U.S., South Korea and Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Australia – I took these territories, but I did not occupy them. I develop, but do not impose questionable "spiritual bonds."

Wherever you come you are hated. You mentioned kindergartens, but forgot about children's concentration camps. You think that the profession of a cleaner is shameful. For me, any profession is noble. A cleaner makes me respect him more than you, a polite man.

You're doing everything not to let me come to Ukraine. Because you're a bloodthirsty monster and aggressor, a notorious toady of your own ego with post-imperial syndrome. You're jealous and petty.

I Am Progressor. It is me who achieves all modern achievements in medicine, science, and technology. Washers and multicookers, smartphones and Internet. Curiosity is now walking on Mars, Honda is releasing a new version of Asimo, Google is testing cars able to drive without a driver. Everything you do it's a pathetic duplicate. Even Youtube you published your propaganda video on and video editor you created it with – that's all mine. And what have you achieved? Have learned to kill people qualitatively?

Many people left your supporters on their way to me. The last one was named Victor. How do you think who will be the next?

I'm not interested in your values and strangeness, but I will not mock them or fight with them. At least, until they begin to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens of the civilized world. It is true that you are second to none in the war with common sense. And peace will come only when you let me into your home.

You've never found out who I am, right?

I am civilizer. I am market economy. I am rule of law."