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Ukrainian schoolchildren create robot for ATO

Schoolchildren from the Volyn region created a robot to help the Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas.

Ukrainian schoolchildren create robot for ATO

A robotic machine aimed to help the Ukrainian military in combat operations in eastern Ukraine was created by the schoolchildren of the city of Kovel, Volyn. They called the robot Peacemaker, Hromadske. Volyn reports.

The machine was designed to remove a minefield, find trip wires, and rescue the wounded. Peacemaker is aimed to work in emergencies of technogenic and social origin.

The robot had been created for two years by the teachers and students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

It should be recalled that volunteers from Ukraine raise money for the development of the First People's Tank, a remote-control machine capable to destruct an enemy. The purpose of the project is creation of a compact combat platform, which is driven remotely and designed to install different types of light weapons.