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Kabaeva did give birth to Putin’s daughter

A girlfriend of President Vladimir Putin and a former gymnast Alina Kabaeva gave birth to a baby.

A few days ago, Kabaeva registered in St. Anne Clinic in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Corriere del Ticino.

According to the Swiss press, Putin and Kabaeva paid for two wards – one for the new mother, and the second one – for the family and bodyguards. Earlier this week, the wards were occupied, but today they are free again.

The press also has information that Kabaeva gave birth last week. In the clinic, she was admitted to the hospital before the birth giving. In addition, last week in the Canton there have been seen many cars with Russian flags.

It should be recalled that March 11, Reuters news agency reported that the Russian president canceled a visit to Kazakhstan due to acute illness. The Russian leader has not appeared in public for several days, thus sparking a wave of jokes about the reasons for his absence. Ukraine even created a website counting the days since Putin "disappeared".

Today, on March 13, the Kremlin announced a meeting between Kyrgyz President and Vladimir Putin scheduled for March 16.