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Britain ready to reveal dirt about Putin’s friends

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond believes that it is impossible to put pressure on Putin with official methods anymore. Therefore he proposes to uncover the secrets known to British intelligence services, and tell how the owner of the Kremlin had earned his capital.

The West is increasingly losing patience in attempts to force Russia to play by the rules. Sanctions against Russia do not yield enough results, says UK Foreign Minister Philip Hammond. Therefore it is needed to act more harshly, for example, to reveal financial secrets of Putin's entourage known to the British secret intelligence services.

According to preliminary data, the amount of the capital of Putin and Co. reaches several tens of billions of dollars lying on offshore accounts and invested in property in London and New York. Basically, it's the money taken from Russia during the chaotic mass privatization of state assets in the 90s.

Britain believes that disclosure of such data will compromise the Russian leader in front of his own people, and it will lead to the loss of reputation. And, as a consequence, will stop the aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

According to the British press, among the senior thieves there are the Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Yakunin, whose official salary is $ 15 million; Gunvor Group Ltd. co-founder Gennady Timchenko, his personal assets is estimated at $ 14.5 billion; Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, whose assets are estimated at $ 2.5 billion, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, whose salary last year was $ 50 million; and the Head of the Board of Directors of the Russian Bank Yuri Kovalchuk, this institution is called a "personal wallet" of Russian elite.

Philip Hammond says that President of the Russian Federation does not want to join the international system that promotes peace among nations. On the contrary, he shatters it. Therefore, he should be fought against with intelligence data, not talks.