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NATO: new tank columns still come from Russia to the Donbas

NATO intelligence service received information about another arrival of column of Russian tanks to the Donbas.

NATO intelligence service has recorded another delivery of Russian equipment to the militants in the Donbas. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed earlier reported information that another column of Russian tanks arrived at the Donbas. Secretary General announced it at a joint press conference with NATO General Philippe Breedlove.

"I can not say the exact number. The only thing we see is the fact that the Russians are present in the territory of the Donbas. They are still there and give a great support to the separatists," said NATO Secretary General.

NATO Commander in Europe Philip Breedlove recalled that intelligence service of the military bloc systematically recorded the transfer of Russian military equipment through the Russian-Ukrainian border.

"Yes, we really monitor the movement of Russian military equipment across the border with Ukraine. We can not say for sure the way it is done because of the inability to control the process. Large parts of the border between the two countries remain open, so we can not precisely control the process of equipment transfer," said Breedlove.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Department of State has evidence of further deliveries of Russian heavy military equipment to the Donbas separatists and concentration of battalion tactical groups of the Russian Armed Forces near the Ukrainian border.