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Vladimir Putin starts product attack on European Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to enlist the support of those EU countries most affected by the EU sanctions against the Russian Federation and embargo on the import of products imposed by Russia in response. He held a number of meetings and promised to ease conditions in exchange for a more independent position of Brussels.

President Putin went for broke. He intends to divide the EU and weaken American influence on it. It is how the foreign media assess recent negotiations between the Russian leader and the Europeans southerners.

According to experts, such countries as Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Hungary suffer from the sanction war no less than Russia. Due to the embargo imposed by Moscow, they have lost a large market for their products.

It were the leaders of these European countries Vladimir Putin held a series of meetings with, urging them to act more independently from Brussels, and promising to soften embargo conditions in exchange. It was an effective argument on the eve of the new growing season.

At the same time, it should be noted that Putin uses not only economic, but also political arguments. He appeals primarily to the left leaders just as it happened in Hungary, where he met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Although the visit was accompanied by mass protests, the Russian president managed both to conclude gas deals, and to agree to modernize the Hungarian NPP by Russian specialists.

Moscow intends to apply next diplomatic blow on Athens, where the economic crisis has been lasting for years. Lifting of the import ban announced by Minister of Economy and Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev, will surely give a breath of fresh air to the Greek economy, but it will only aggravate the political crisis between Brussels and Athens, the Kremlin, in fact, is willing to achieve.