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Zhirinovsky: Russian army to celebrate 2017 in Kyiv

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, states that the West realized that its policy in Ukraine has failed and now is thinking how to divide the country.

Speaking on the talk show "Politics," Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced that for the West it was enough to get the western part of Ukraine. But Russia will not let this happen because soon the Russian army will take Kyiv and then go further.

"This year of the armed conflict showed that the scenario of Kyiv, Brussels and the United States to knock out "the militants" and establish the orders of Kyiv had not worked. They wanted to make whole Ukraine be like Kyiv and Lviv, but they failed. Now they are thinking what to do – to give Novorossia to Moscow and divide Ukraine. To make the western part a NATO state. It will take 2015 to do it. And in 2016 they will realize that and it will not work out too, since it is not profitable to have Ukraine. And then they will leave at all. And all of Ukraine will become Novorossia.

In November 2016, when there will be another president, he would not mind Europe and Ukraine. We will meet the New Year of 2017 in Kyiv. Prepare horilka, salo and Kyiv cake," said Zhirinovsky.

It should be recalled that not so long ago Zhirinovsky threatened Ukraine to block and drain the Dnipro River, if Ukraine did not begin to supply fresh water to Crimea.