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Ukrainian refugees from Crimea in Poland have to leave

Refugees from Crimea, who ran from the peninsula last year, have not received refugee status in Poland.

The families, who ran from occupied Crimea to Poland last year, will soon be forced to leave the country because they are not granted refugee status, Joinfo.ua reports.

On the air of the Polish radio station, a refugee Halyna Murzak said: "The Office for Foreigners sent the refugees from Crimea a negative decision, they wrote that in Ukraine was no war, there was no armed conflict – it was at the end of May. Then six families made an appeal."

According to the Polish authorities, the refugees from Crimea could settle, for example, in western Ukraine.

The refugee children from Crimea studying at the Gymnasium in Lukow are dreaming to stay in Poland, far from the war.

"We love it here, there is no war or anything like that. We really want to stay. We have friendly relations with other students and teachers," the children say.

The teachers from the Gymnasium are in sympathy with the Ukrainians. A teacher Eva Zakrzewski says that refugees could be useful for the local community and the Polish state.

"If they could work, if they could get a job somehow, they would start working for their living. They do not want to be a burden for the state, they want to increase its well-being. The kids study well. In the future, they will be the people who take life seriously, they will appreciate our values and will be committed to our society," the teachers say.

The final decision about the Ukrainians, temporarily residing in Lukow, will be taken in the coming weeks.