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Greece threatens EU with refugees flow

If Europe does not change its position regarding Greek debt, the authorities of the country will issue travel documents for tens of thousands of refugees with possible jihadists among them.

Panos Kammenos

Photo: hellasforce.com

Facing the state bankruptcy, the government of Greece threatened the EU to redirect tens of thousands of refugees to Europe. It was announced by Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on Sunday, March 8, at a meeting of his party Independent Greeks. "If you (the EU – ed.) deal such a blow to Greece, then you should know that the migrants will receive (travel) documents and head to Berlin," dpa quotes the politician.

Kammenos said that if there were members of the terrorist militia Islamic State among the refugees, then Europe would itself responsible through its stance in the question of Greece's debt and reforms. About a week ago, similar threats were made by Vice Interior Minister of Greece. In its response, the German police union urged the European politicians to exclude Greece from the Schengen area.