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Details of Nemtsov’s report revealed

The murder of Boris Nemtsov happened before the showdown of his report about the Russian troops' presence in the Donbas. However, that does not mean that the public will not know about its content.

The murder of Boris Nemtsov has suspended the publication of evidence of Russian troops' presence in the Donbas. However, this does not mean that the public will not know about the content of the report prepared by the deceased opposition leader. According to his assistant Olga Shorina, much of his work he had in mind and avoided discussion because of possible wiretapping, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Reuters.

Shorina demonstrated a sheet of paper. The day before his assassination Nemtsov wrote: "Some paratroopers from Ivanovo have got in touch with me. 17 killed, they didn"t give them their money, but for now they are frightened to talk. "

The assistant of the oppositionist told that Nemtsov spoke with relatives of the dead paratroopers from the Ivanovo region. She also said she did not know how he kept in touch with them.

According to Shorina, Nemtsov collected information mainly from open Russian sources. "We did not have some kind of a super-task to find exclusive info, we just wanted to make an alternative (to the Russian propaganda – Ed.) and widely distribute it," Shorina said.

Earlier, Ilya Yashin said about his intention to make the report of his colleague public. According to him, Nemtsov shared the information about his contacts with relatives of dead soldiers and plans to visit Ivanovo.