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International criminologists don’t doubt Boeing 777 was fired by Russian Buk

The collapse of the Boeing 777 happened 'thanks' to the Russian Buk missile system.

International criminologists don"t doubt Boeing 777 was fired by Russian Buk

All this time the collapse of the Boeing 777 has been investigated by the international experts. The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands has published summary data of the International Group of Criminalists (JI T), who have been clearifying the details of the tragedy with the Malaysia Airlines Boeing shot down over the Donbas last summer.

The investigators from JI T have collected and studied more than a million documents, videos and photos. A large amount of material has led to an increase in the staff number of the analytical group.

Thus, the experts state that the plane was shot down by the Buk missile system, which was brought from Russia to Ukraine shortly before the tragedy. The experts also point out that the control over the rocket launcher was carried out either by specialists or by rebels under the supervision of specialists.

Now the Prosecutor's Office is going to not only identify the suspects and gather evidence against them, but also to show the facts sufficient for a conviction.

Dutch prosecutors report that they have evidence that the Russian intelligence services were trying to crack and get into the computer systems of the police and Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands. All smartphones and laptops the investigators used in Ukraine and which came into contact with the local Internet networks were destroyed – they were infected with Spyware.