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Russia proud to be country-occupant

Russian propaganda agrees that Russia has conducted expansionist policy towards its neighbors for centuries, but in fact it benefits the residents of the occupied territories.

Russia proud to be country-occupant

Russian propaganda recognized that the Russian Federation is the occupant. In the video "I am Russian Occupant" the propagandists justify Russian centuries-long expansion by the fact that it has a "civilizing" role, Joinfo.ua reports.

The video was published by Evgeniy Zhurov, blogger from Novosibirsk, but distributed on Twitter by Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Industry known for his tough anti-Western rhetoric.

The video, made with the help of computer graphics, is trying to prove that the neighboring countries of Russia began to live much worse after leaving the Kremlin's orbit.

According to the author of the video, the citizens of the Baltic States are now "cleaning toilets in Europe", and Central Asia is living on loans and income from marijuana sales.

The video accuses Ukraine of destruction of industry built during the Russian occupation.

"Yes, I am Occupant, and I'm tired of apologizing for it," the voiceover in the video says.

The video also criticizes people of non-traditional orientation, and warns critics of Russia:

"I politely warn you for the last time: Do not look for trouble! I build the world, I love the world, but I know how to fight the best!"

the mini movie ends with sending this e-mail to President Barack Obama.