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Opinion poll in Russia shows not Putin’s rating but rating of fear

According to CNN commentator Ben Judah, high rating of Putin in Russia does not reflect real sentiments in the society. The fact that opinion polls in Russia indicate total support for President's policy shows not support for President himself, but the fear of him.

Opinion poll in Russia is just a parody of a public opinion research. 85% support for Putin's policy, the Russian media is talking about, is a seeming reality, says journalist Ben Judah. It is all about the difference of how polls are conducted in democratic countries and in Russia.

Thus, Ben Judah gives an example: in America, during a telephone survey one will not be surprised and confused by the question 'Do you like Obama?' As an answer, you can easily get calm 'no.'

In Russia, such a telephone survey may alert or frighten – you never know who is calling you asking whether you like Putin. In the situation when participation in opposition rallies may end up in arrest or beating, when opponents of the Kremlin are killed, and any doubters are under the microscope, it is difficult to have you own opinion.

Therefore, the expert believes that even the murder of Nemtsov will not change Putin's rating dramatically. And all because it is not Putin's rating, it's a rating of fear of the Kremlin.