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Putin’s Russia, China and IS become one ‘fascist threat’

The foreign media has compiled a list of states threatening the world order with fascism. Among them there are the Russian Federation, 'Islamic State' and China.

Russia, China and IS become one fascist threat

Sydney Morning Herald edition urges Western politicians not to close their eyes and play the terms and recognize that fascism has revived. And this is a real threat to peace and stability.

Also, the foreign media insists that the West should not focus on only one manifestation of the threat, as it happened with the activation of the "Islamic state". They should not forget about Russia, which invaded in Ukraine, intimidates Europe, previously annexed the territory of Georgia and Moldova, and takes repressive actions in its own country.

In addition, Sydney Morning Herald highlights China as another stronghold of fascism in the world. The rulers of the Middle Kingdom, of course, behave more cautiously, they do not make loud statements and active hostilities, but they continue to build up an army and build military bases in the disputed territories.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, all these countries are driven by resentment against the West and desire for national revenge which is turning into a Nazi one. Russia is absorbed into the obsession to revive the imperial greatness, China is talking about the end of the "century of humiliation" by the West, and the "Islamic State" accuses the West in having "turned the Islamic world into nothing."

All this shows them as the fascist regimes, and both Europe and the United States are not fully aware of how formidable their enemies are.