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Whoever organized contract killing of Boris Nemtsov, Putin is the one to blame

According to the German political expert Boris Reitschuster, the murder of Boris Nemtsov was a result of the political climate President Putin has created in Russia.

The murder of Boris Nemtsov was rather an "execution," says the German journalist and political analyst Boris Reitschuster. He notes that the shots were made near the Kremlin, "the most protected place in the world", where there are security officers everywhere recording every move, Bild writes.

According to the publication, the unknown left Nemtsov's companion, the Ukrainian Anna Duritskaya alive. Apparently, the killers did not worried about the fact that she could identify them, the author stresses.

The West immediately accused Putin of the murder. In reality, the Russian leader does not mind what the West says about him. The main thing for him is to stay in power. According to the expert, Putin knows that "his chances to leave the Kremlin as free, alive and rich man, are low. He got himself too many enemies, his clan has become too rich. That is why he must stay at any price."

The author writes that "Putin is a man of gestures, symbols and signals, each of which shows superiority of his power, strength, and power."

Nemtsov was an absolute opposite of Putin, says Boris Reitschuster. Without fear he could criticize Russian President accusing him of stealing. He also planned to make the information about the presence of Russian troops in the Donbas public, the author writes.

Boris Nemtsov is a kind of "Russian Bill Clinton", who openly declared that the children of the "Russian patriots", including Putin himself or Lavrov, live in the West. According to Reitschuster, during one of the last meetings Nemtsov told him that "the mafia gang had occupied the Kremlin" and was robbing the country under the guise of patriotism.

Reitschuster draws an analogy between Nemtsov's murder and the death of "Stalin's opponent" Sergei Kirov on December 1, 1934. Stalin put the responsibility for it on his opponents, while it was he who arranged the murder. Back then the death of Kirov let Stalin began the "Great Terror".

The Kremlin says that the murder of Nemtsov was a provocation and Putin said that he would take the investigation of this case under his personal control. Herewith, there are no chances for an impartial investigation.

No matter who ordered the killing – the highest ranks or some enemy "Nemtsov has made because of his fight against corruption." "The political responsibility rests with Vladimir Putin," says Reitschuster.

Over 14 years in power, Putin has created such a political climate where "his critics are portrayed as criminals, fascists and traitors" and dissidents are subject to hateful hysterical persecution. All this creates a deadly climate, Bild sums up.

Former Russian billionaire, in his turn, believes that after the murder of Nemtsov President Putin will be overthrown very soon.