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After Nemtsov’s murder Putin to be overthrown

Russian President Vladimir Putin may soon lose his power, since he is a 'naked king', believes former billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

After a tragic death of the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov Russian President Vladimir Putin will lose power, says Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

"President of Russia is not the person who will be able to take correct decisions in a difficult situation for the country. He is a 'naked king, who lead the vast country to poverty and ruin with his ill-conceived leadership, and he will also trigger many leading politicians to fight for the 'throne' in Moscow," Khodorkovsky said.

In his opinion, Western countries must consolidate with the critics of Putin's policy living in Russia, and wait for the "end of the era of the incumbent president." "Tomorrow when the regime changes you will have to build a relationship and you will have very little time," predicts former Russian billionaire Khodorkovsky.

"Putin with bare chest isn't a mighty leader: He is a naked king," he said. Regarding the conflict in the Donbas, Khodorkovsky says that military action is unlikely to be completed in the near future, since Putin's plans do not include establishment of peace.

Khodorkovsky predicts that after the change of government in Russia the transition period will be long and very painful. "Putin doesn't need Donbas (east Ukraine). He wants to determine the fate of the world at talks with a U.S. President. Putin is dreaming of getting a deal with the United States about a new-old order for the world, when the world is split on zone of influence. When you cannot interfere in someone else's zone. Not even to mention internal politics," Khodorkovsky emphasizes.