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Nadiya Savchenko to start dry hunger strike

Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, a 'personal prisoner' of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is planning to start dry hunger strike.

Nadiya Savchenko to start dry hunger strike

It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to a statement made by Nadiya's lawyer Ilya Novikov.

"Nadia is really considering switching to a dry hunger strike, if she comes to the conclusion that her doctors do not hear her appeal. So far, the Investigative Committee answer to all of our proposals and steps saying that they know better and they will figure out everything themselves. Of course, we will press on them," Novikov said.

The lawyer, who visited Savchenko on February 26, states that she is in a "changeable state." According to him, Nadiya has severe stomach pains. At the court hearing on February 25 it was clear that it was difficult for her to sit.

"According to German doctors, she has clearly outlined problems with the gall bladder. And in the coming days she may have kidney problems," Novikov said.

Earlier, it was reported that Russian prisoner Nadiya Savchenko could die in the next few days due to sharp health deterioration, said Elena Masuk, a member of the board of the Russian President for Development of Civil Society and Human Rights.