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Russia and South Africa in espionage conspiracy

According to classified data obtained by the TV channel Al Jazeera, it became known that Russia and South Africa have covered the whole Africa with tracking network. Foreign media reports that someone who pertains directly to the Russian intelligence service 'leaked' the information.

Russia and South Africa in espionage conspiracy

Despite the fact that Russia is isolated internationally in the field of arms trade because of the aggression against Ukraine and interference in its internal affairs, some countries still secretly use its services.

An example is the Condor project not only many ordinary people, but high-ranking diplomats, including South Africa, did not know about until recently.

This tracking system worth $ 100 billion was created by the South African government in cooperation with the Russian Federation and its intelligence experts and was aimed at "covering" whole Africa up to Israel with its attention.

According to experts, there is no need for such a large-scale tracking system, except peacekeeping operations in other African countries and the search for poachers in remote parts of the country. However, Russia's participation demonstrates a particular struggle with the United States for influence in the region.

According to preliminary data, the initiator of Condor is Moretti Motau, former head of South African military intelligence, who retired and now is a member of the Board of Directors of the defense company Armscorp. And the information about the system of South African Intelligence Service was provided by some Agent Afrikanist "with direct access to the Russian government."