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NATO: Moldova to be Putin’s next target

Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO Allied Command Operations Philip Breedlove warns that if Russia does not stop now, the troops from Transnistria will be Moldova.

NATO: Moldova to be Putin"s next target

The next country Russia can choose to invade will be Moldova, warns NATO Spreme Allied Commander Philip Breedlove in his speech before the U.S. congressmen.

"What we should do is watch first where we see a strong information campaign picking up, and that is happening in Moldova and other places," Breedlove said.

In his opinion the Kremlin will keep Moldova away from the West and the EU in particular at all cost.

"Russian troops in Transnistria are there to keep Moldova from leaning to the West. I don"t think any of us can be sure that Putin has accomplished his objectives inside Ukraine," Breedlove concluded.

Earlier, British Prime Minister David Cameron warned about possible destabilization of the situation in Moldova by Russia.

"You will see further destabilisation – next it will be Moldova or one of the Baltic states," Cameron said.