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Pro-Kremlin party appears in Poland

New pro-Putin political force of DPR and LPR supporters appeared in Poland.

The party was called 'Zmiana' ('Change'). Its supporters are threatening with revolution in foreign policy and making Poland anti-American and pro-Kremlin oriented.

Mateusz Piskorski, who is a regular guest in the studio of the English-language propaganda channel Russia Today, stands at the origins of Zmiana. In his speeches he strongly justifies Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Piskorski was also an observer at the so-called 'referendum' in Crimea and 'elections' in the terrorist pseudo 'republics' of the Donbas. According to him, they were held 'legally'.

In Zmiana, there are other odious players. For example, a historian, publicist, and communist by conviction, Jacek Kaminski, who regularly visits the Donbas militants. In the web, there is a film he made, where he praises a 'heroic struggle' of not only the terrorists of DPR and LPR, but also Ukrainian Communists against the 'junta'.

The founding congress of the party was held on February 21, its members are planning to put forward their own candidate for the presidential elections.