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President Vladimir Putin exacerbates gas conflict with Ukraine

Once again President Putin threatens to stop any supply of gas through Ukraine in two days. Allegedly due to late payment of debts. But Kyiv does not agree with such claims, suspecting that it is forced to pay for the gas delivered to the DPR militants.

Moscow blackmails Kyiv and thus Europe by the cessation of gas supplies. As in the beginning of the gas war, Gazprom gives an ultimatum: either Kyiv pays all the debts, or the Kremlin stops gas supplies to Ukraine, which will complicate its transit to Europe.

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said that Kyiv had not made a new advance payment for gas. However, the Ukrainian government claims they paid not only for the entire gas consumption, but also for not yet ordered additional 287 million cubic meters.

Analysts believe that Gazprom put the gas supplied to the Donbas separatists to the account of Kyiv. Earlier Moscow said that it would deliver natural gas directly to the regions. But it wants to get payment for it out of the Ukrainian budget.

According to experts, it shows that Russia is trying to consolidate control over the breakaway region, but it does not want to pay for it. Also, Moscow is trying to hold Kyiv on a short gas leash.