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Germany not to send military instructors to Ukraine

The German government does not intend to send any military or police personnel for training Ukrainian security forces, Steffen Seibert states.

So far, the German government does not have any plans to send German military instructors for training military personnel in Ukraine. "This issue is not discussed in Germany now," said Steffen Seibert, a spokesman for the federal government in Berlin on Wednesday, February 25.

According to him, although the latest Minsk Ceasefire Agreement in eastern Ukraine is being implemented 'very unsatisfactory', yet, neither military nor police personnel will be sent to Ukraine for training Ukrainian security forces. "This issue is not on the agenda," dpa agency quotes Seibert.

Earlier it was reported that the UK was going to send its military personnel to Ukraine for the first time. And the United States will once again send a few instructors to western Ukraine to teach the Ukrainian servicemen the basics of military field medicine.