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Ornella Muti to go to jail for dinner with Putin

Famous 59-year-old Italian theater and film star Ornella Muti, who reached the peak of her popularity during the 1980s, was sentenced to prison.

Ornella Muti to go to jail for dinner with Putin

The court of the Italian city of Pordenone sentenced the legendary actress to eight months in prison, reports Joinfo.ua. Moreover, the woman will have to pay 600-euro fine, Russian DW service reports.

After a long trial, it was found that the Italian movie star pretended she was ill and missed her performance in the Teatro Verdi in Trieste in order to have dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The actress even made one of the doctors give her a false medical certificate that she was really sick with laryngitis. It freed her from having to participate in the performance that day. The fee for participation it this performance amounted 25 thousand euros.

Instead, Ornella Muti enjoyed a charity dinner with Putin, which was also attended by the famous American actor, director, and producer Kevin Costner.

It is known that the judge Patricia Botter has already offered the actress to pay damages to the theater in amount of 30,000 euros. This fee will free her from serving her time in jail.

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