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West starts panicking because of Kremlin’s aggressive policy

More and more European countries feel that they are possible victims of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin. In the Baltic States and Moldova started talking seriously about the replication of the Ukrainian scenario.

West starts panicking because of Kremlin"s aggressive policy

Despite the fact that in the near future the second stage of the Minsk meetings is to be held, not only Kyiv, but also the West no longer believes is their constructability. Only Putin continues to repeat that the agreement will be respected as a mantra. Although, the militants continue to receive equipment and ammunition from Russia.

After the victory in Debaltseve the terrorists themselves did not conceal their aggressive plans. After receiving medals and applauses of the townspeople they did not hide they were ready to advance the attack on other eastern cities of Ukraine.

All this is happening against the backdrop of the Kremlin's aggressive rhetoric and large-scale exercises conducted in the east of Ukraine. The leaders of the Baltic countries feel threatened quite reasonably because they may be the next targets of Moscow's acquisition. The Ministries of Defence of Lithuania and Estonia insist that the events resemble the Crimean scenario. Moscow is like testing NATO, and sees how far it can go.

Moldova may become another victim of the Kremlin's aggressive policy. As in Ukraine, Russia tried to take a part of its territory annexing Transnistria with its puppet government. Now Chisinau is uniquely turned to Europe. The Rights led by Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, who promised that by 2018 Moldova would sign associate membership with the EU, came to power gaining 45% of vote. And it will destroy Putin's plans to renew the Soviet Empire.