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Lithuania: Moscow starts information war

The State Security Department of Lithuania reports about information war Russia intends to conduct

Lithuania: Moscow starts information war

On Monday, the State Security Department of Lithuania reported that recently it has been seen "increasingly obvious" signs of information war, Euromaidan Press reports with reference to Delfi news agency.

"Recently increasingly obvious efforts by Russia to inflame the information war and to spread Russian propaganda to the mass media, electronic media, and social networks in Lithuania have been observed," the State Security Department announced in a statement posted on the agency's website.

According to the agency, Russia is looking for ways to invest in Lithuanian media companies under the cover of companies registered in other countries or else to support them financially in order to influence the content that is published or broadcast.

Representatives of foreign countries, not necessarily Russia, may approach media companies in Lithuania in order to propose cooperation in the spreading of information favorable to Russia, in the preparation of information campaigns, or in the direct publication of commissioned articles, the agency says. It also reports that attempts are being made to prepare an informational groundwork that is hostile to Lithuania in the country's regional media companies, Euromaidan Press reports.

The Lithuanian State Security Department is calling on the journalistic community to resist possible Russian provocations and to inform the agency of any intentional or suspicious activities to spread propaganda, to use financial influence, or to influence the content of media information, the news agency informs.