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UN Security Council to override Russia’s veto and deprive Churkin of vote

Signature of the Russian Federation under any document is worth exactly as much as the paper. And the UN Security Council understands this. It was announced by Permanent Representative of Ukraine Yuriy Sergeyev.

UN Security Council to override Russia"s veto and deprive Churkin of vote

According to Yuri Sergeyev, who represents Ukraine at the UN Security Council, the issue of Russia's membership in UN is being already discussed. And on the sidelines, there is discussed possible deprival of Russia of its permanent membership in the UN Security Council, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Voice of America.

Yuriy Sergeyev said that the leadership and members of the UN Security Council questioned the legitimacy of Russia's becoming a member of the UN in 1991.

"As for the membership, here raises not only this issue, but the issue of general legitimacy of the country' membership in the United Nations due to the fact that the statutory procedures had been violated in 1991 during the adoption of this country to the UN and giving it the status of a permanent member," the official said.

However, Sergeyev notes that this question is not so sharp, since now there is more urgent problem – how to prevent the Russian delegation from vetoing the initiative of the Ukrainian side regarding the international peacekeeping mission in Eastern Ukraine in the Security Council.