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Putin’s next target revealed

Europe begins to realize the real danger that after Ukraine Vladimir Putin will chose the Baltic States as the next target.

Putin"s next target revealed

This data are announced in an article by Ben Farmer called "Putin will target the Baltic next, Defence Secretary warns" published in the British newspaper The Guardian. As reported, Michael Fallon does not rule out the option that Vladimir Putin may "test NATO's resolve with the same Kremlin-backed surbversion" he used in Crimea and eastern region of Ukraine.

A murky campaign of infiltration, propaganda, cyber attacks and other methods used in the early stages of the conflict in Ukraine can successfully undermine the situation and provoke ethnic conflict in Estonia, Fallon believes.

The Alliance must be prepared to respond to Russian aggression, "whatever form it takes," Fallon said, warning that tension between the UK and Russia were "warming up".

"A sharp increase in Russian defence spending is "clearly worrying", he added.

"They are modernising their conventional forces, they are modernising their nuclear forces and they are testing NATO, so we need to respond."

He continued: "There are lots of worries. I'm worried about Putin. There's no effective control of the border, I'm worried about his pressure on the Baltics, the way he is testing NATO, the submarines and aircraft."

Earlier, we reported that the Russian Federation began to "clone" the so-called "people's republics" in Europe.