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Estonian President: Ukraine needs defensive weapons

Europe is wait-and-see at a time when Ukraine needs arms, says Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine has to be resolved, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Postimees.

"Europe is wait-and-see at the moment. No one wants such commentators to be right who say it's going to come to nothing anyway. Neither do I want to be among these. Meanwhile, let's not assume we have entered an Immanuel Kantish everlasting peace," Ilves said.

According to him, it's unclear whether the West has plan B in case if the Minsk agreements are considered a failure.

"But if it [Minsk-2] does not work and military operations continue, at some point we in EU and NATO are forced to face the facts where something needs to be done – or otherwise we will just wait until it all reaches our borders," President of Estonia said.

"I personally think we would first of all need to help with defence technology, like radars and drones," Ilves noted.

"The other side has top level weapons systems which, among other things, require long-term training. These are not manned by Donetsk mafiosi. We know that they have these weapons there, that they have Russian troops there. Perhaps the NATO European commander General Breedlove says the same, but we, the European Union side, still keep saying "we are gravely concerned" and "Russian-backed forces," he emphasized.