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Four Russian Navy sailors jailed for ‘high treason’

Recently, Russian justice often deals with charges under 'high treason'.

Russian Navy

Russian justice has condemned the Navy officials of Russia, who, according to the investigation, were sending classified information to the foreign countries, the Russian media reports.

"The prisoners are already serving sentences. Within this case, senior officers of the Navy Zachary Agapishvili, Sergey Danilchenko and two soldiers Levan Charkviani and Konstantin Yashin are sentenced to real terms of imprisonment," the source informs.

Also, the Moscow court found all defendants guilty under "high treason", announcing their guilt in sending "top secret data." The Russian Supreme Court confirmed the commencement of the sentence.

In addition, recently, in Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir Golubev, a former researcher at the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov was accused of treason too.

As the Federal Security Service of Russia informs, in 2013 the suspect published the information about explosives, which is protected by state secret, in the Czech scientific journal. It was the reason for the charges. The scientist says that this information has been available in the scientific literature for a long time. The attorney of the accused does not comment on the substances.

It also became knows that the resident of the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation was arrested for reporting the Embassy of Ukraine about sending Russian troops to Donbas.