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Vladimir Putin inspires Germans to create documentary ‘psychodrama’

German television company ZDF aired a documentary with President Vladimir Putin as the main character. The movie tells about the personality of the Russian leader and peculiarities of his versatile nature.

Vladimir Putin inspires Germans to create documentary "psychodrama"

The "psychodrama" reflecting particular nature of the Russian leader is called "Putin the Man", Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Deutsche Welle. According to the author, the filmmakers tried to answer the question: who actually President Putin is.

In an interview for ZDF, the director of the movie said that the filmmakers were trying to find an answer to the question many people ask: who actually this man, Vladimir Putin, who has been the head of Russia since 2000, is." And we were trying to show it not in the form of a classical biopic, but as a psychodrama emphasizing crucial moments in Putin's life," Michael Renz says.

Referring to the secret data of the Western intelligence agencies, the authors of the movie tell about Putin's predilection for alcohol and parties during his service in Dresden, and the fact that he was allegedly fond of women and often beat his wife.

However, according to the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, the film does not show anything that could shake the established image of the Russian leader, and much of what the authors call "exclusive" has been previously published in the media. Nevertheless, the newspaper Bild writes that it is "a wonderful program that gives a somewhat different picture of Putin's imperious personality during the crisis in Ukraine."