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Ukraine and Lithuania unite

This Sunday, February 15, one hundred people celebrated Ukrainian-Lithuanian unity on Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv.

February 15, one hundred people came to the center of Kyiv to attend the One Heart event, Day.Kiev.Ua news agency reports. On Khreshchatyk Street, the marchers took the flags of Ukraine and Lithuanian and combined them in the form of heart. The event's initiators were the Embassy of the Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine and Ukrainian youth NGO "Heart to Heart," writes Maria Prokopenko in her article for the news agency.

Many students and families with young children were in attendance. Before the event started, people had a lively discussion of the truce in eastern Ukraine. The organizers handed out flags of Ukraine and Lithuania, the latter were yellow-green-red. Uniformed lyceum students lined up, some people invited passersby to join the procession. Suddenly, the marchers started to unfurl flags. The event's director Erikas Druskinas gave orders in a loud voice: "Two steps to the right! Slower! Move in the opposite direction!" The whole proceeding was filmed by a camera drone which rumbled overhead. An orchestra led the procession. To the sound of Ukrainian songs, it made its way from Khreshchatyk Street to European Square, Day.Kiev.Ua reports.

Lithuanian and Ukrainian politicians welcomed the marchers in European Square. Signatory of the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania Irena Andriukaitiene said: "I am honored to be in the center of Kyiv now, joined by this many people. The heart we have just created in European Square will beat forever, because it is impossible to destroy the Lithuanian-Ukrainian friendship. Our peoples will always be together, and this event is a feast of our hearts." Prominent Ukrainian artists, including singer Mila Nitich, also performed in the square's vicinity.

"I am incredibly happy with how it all happened," the event's director Druskinas admitted. "Both flags were first unfurled together in Odesa a few years ago. All major cities of Lithuania held events in support of Ukraine as well. We use them to remind European countries that every of them needs to protect its independence, to take care of it every day. We hope to hold a similar unity display near the European Parliament building in Brussels in March."

It should be recalled that Lithuanian authorities are doing everything possible to be ready to meet the occupants in the event of Russian aggression. the Lithuanian authorities represented by the Minister of National Defense Juozas Olekas presented a new manual entitled "How to act in extreme situations or instances of war".