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Putin gave Obama ‘slap’ he won’t forgive

Ukrainian political analyst Taras Berezovets suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin did everything to make Obama supply weapons to Ukraine.

Expressing his opinion on the political decision to withdraw the armed Forces of Ukraine from Debaltseve and Russian aggression, political scientist Taras Berezovets states that at the moment lives of the Ukrainian soldiers are more important, and now President Putin will not be able to resist the supply of arms to Ukraine, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Berezovets' post on Facebook.

"Despite the complexity of the situation, the Russians failed to organize the second Ilovaysk in Debaltseve. Despite the fact that Putin threw all available reserves there. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, within six months Ukraine has got a core of the army of the future. Ukraine has got it own, real ARMY. The losses in the Ilovaysk "boiler" were the result of military errors. In Debaltseve, the situation was fundamentally different despite the fact that the enemy threw incomparably more equipment and efforts there.

Secondly, given the fact that Poroshenko is far cry from the military affairs, he was smart enough not to interfere with the actions of his subordinates in uniform. But, meantime, the authorities and volunteers could improve the supply of the army. Military actions and heavy machinery received have broken Putin's plan of besiegement.

Thirdly, despite the loss of territory, the Debaltseve railway junction is way less important than preservation of the army. In Ukraine there is no better human resource and its salvation is incomparably more important that preservation of territory. In addition, the terrorists and Russians will not be able to take advantage of the railway – there's a "lunar landscape" there now.

And most importantly, Putin took away from Obama the last argument against the supply of defense and lethal weapons to Ukraine. The master of the White House will not be able to forgive this slap," Berezovets wrote.