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Putin’s friend from Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe to eat elephants on his birthday

Robert Mugabe, a dictator, strategic partner of Russian President Putin, and President of Zimbabwe intends to celebrate his 91st birthday at large scale. At a gala banquet there will be served baked lions, buffaloes and elephants. It has already caused indignation of conservationists.

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe

Two elephants, two buffaloes, five antelopes and one lion – all baked. This menu is scheduled for a formal dinner on the occasion of 91st anniversary of the Zimbabian dictator Robert Mugabe.

Twenty thousand people are invited for the dinner. It is unknown whether President Vladimir Putin, who has established strategic cooperation with Mugabe, will attend the celebration, but the holiday will be really great – the celebration will held in the chic hotel, located near the Victoria Falls. It will cost the President of one of the world's poorest countries 105 thousand euros. Besides baked elephants, 27 live elephants from China will be sent to the festival. The purposes are not reported.

Eating rare animals outraged the conservationists around the world. In addition, Zimbabwe is one of the countries where the number of animals is significantly reducing.

The locals are outraged too, they are accusing Mugabe of spending money and depriving them the right to execute elephants – allocated quotas are not reimbursed. However, the dictator does not care, last year he organized a gorgeous feast in honor of his 90th birthday: 90 balloons were launched, 90 cows were cooked for dinner and 90-kilogram cake was baked. The holiday cost 40 million dollars. Mugabe intends to rule until he is 100.