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Vladimir Zhirinovsky calls to ‘burn Kyiv with napalm’

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the odious head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, said that Kyiv must be "burnt with napalm" in order to "save the Russians in the Donbas".

Vladimir Zhirinovsky calls to "burn Kyiv with napalm"

"If in the Donbas there lived the Finns, Poles, or Balts, I would say that they should be beaten, strangled and destroyed. I sincerely say. But in the Donbas there live the Russians! We will destroy Kyiv and burn it with napalm. We have to burn the city of Kyiv! For the war against the Russians," Zhirinovsky said.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, which is known to be an "informal mouthpiece" of Vladimir Putin, voicing what is on mind of his patron, said that he was going to "burn out" Kyiv. According to him, today or tomorrow the Ukrainians are planning to go to war with Russia.

"For that not to happen, we have to destroy the whole governmental infrastructure in Kyiv, all the administrative buildings. The civilians will not be affected, no one will touch the civilians," the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party said.

In addition, Zhirinovsky said that if last winter Russia intervened and helped the criminal Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to suppress the popular protests on the Maidan, the war would not happen.

This is not the first such statement of Zhirinovsky. Previously, he called on to recognize Ukraine as an aggressor. According to the Russian leader, it will be a worthy response to the announcement of Russia as an aggressor. In addition, during his recent speech in the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky quite seriously suggested the Russian parliament to start a war in Europe.