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Russia puzzled: why EU imposes new sanctions when Russia is trying so hard?

The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the introduction of new sanctions by the EU Council on Foreign Affairs.

Sergey Lavrov

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Federation was puzzled getting familiar with the decision of the European Council on Foreign Relations to expand EU sanctions list with a number of Russian individuals and legal entities, which came into force February 16, Joinfo.ua informs with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Once again the European Union did not take the trouble to critically and impartially analyze the real reasons for the escalation of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine and once again chose to be led by the "war party" in Kyiv. We note inconsistency and illogic since every time there is a hope for settlement of the internal Ukrainian crisis EU Brussels introduces new anti-Russian restrictions.

Such decisions look particularly absurd against the backdrop of the Minsk agreements of February 12, with involved the leaders of the major EU countries. One gets the impression that Brussels and the capitals of the EU member states either do not control the movement of the sanctions flywheel or mistake the wish for the reality and convince public opinion of Russia's "compliance" as a result of the EU sanctions. One thing is clear – these decisions, which will be followed by an adequate response, are contrary to common sense and do not benefit to the opportunity to find a solution for the Ukrainian domestic conflict," the Russian Foreign Ministry states.