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Francois Hollande: Russia will not get Mistral

During the summit in Brussels French President Francois Hollande said that Russia did not fulfill the terms of the Mistral-class ships transfer.

Francois Hollande: Russia will not get Mistral

Despite the agreements reached yesterday in Minsk, France is not going to send two Mistral-class warships to Russia. French President Francois Hollande stated it this Monday, February 12, during the summit in Brussels, Joinfo.ua reports referring to AFP agency.

According to him, Russia has not yet fulfilled the conditions for the transfer of these warships.

Although the French leader expressed his hope that this "once" could happen. According to the Hollande's position, only if the conflict in the Donbas is settled, there will be taken steps aimed at easing sanctions imposed against Russia at the European level. However, as the French leader said, this is still out of the question as the situation is far from it.

France must have sent the first of two Russian helicopter carriers in the fall of 2014. Under the contract, the delivery of the second ship was to be held later this year. But, under the pressure of NATO partners, including the U.S., Paris had to postpone the delivery of warships.

It should be recalled that in the end of last year, the Russian side announced that it intended to sue the French partners due non-compliance with the conditions of Mistral-class ships supply.