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‘Appeasement’ of Russia is a mistake – David Cameron

British Prime Minister does not support the so-called policy of "appeasement" of the Russian Federation in connection with its aggression against Ukraine.

"Appeasement" of Russia is a mistake David Cameron

It was announced by Cameron during his speech in the British Parliament, Joinfo.ua informs with reference to Agense France Presse.

"It does matter on our continent of Europe to make sure that we don't reward aggression and brutality with appeasement, that would be wrong," he said.

"That"s why it's right to keep the sanctions in place, it's right to keep the European Union and America together on this issue and it's right to stand up to President Putin," Cameron said.

By itself, the term "appeasement" has a definite political context. It is associated with the peculiarities of the foreign policy of the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s. It is believed that Chamberlain indulged aggressive plans of Adolf Hitler.

This term has been applied to the situation in Ukraine and the European politicians' attitude to it. Earlier U.S. Senator John McCain accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the "appeasement".

Previously, it was reported that the UK was ready to reconsider the decision regarding arms supply to Ukraine in the struggle with regular Russian troops and pro-Russian terrorists.