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Experts say why Putin goes to Egypt

While the Ukrainian and Western diplomats are working hard to resolve the crisis in the Donbas President Putin visits Egypt and gives an unambiguous signal to the United States.

Experts say why Putin goes to Egypt

It was reported in the article "Vladimir Putin's Egypt visit sends message to US" by journalist Patrick Kinsley published in the British newspaper The Guardian.

While the Kremlin-backed militants and regular Russian troops are firing the Ukrainian cities, the Russian guarantor visits the opera house in Cairo, as well as talks about the use of the U.S. dollar in bilateral trade between Egypt and Russia and the joint work of Russian and Egyptian media.

According to analysts, both Egypt and Russia are first of all trying to show the world that they intend to redefine the vectors of their foreign policy themselves. Putin, in particular, wants to prove that, despite the obstruction he is subjected to by the Western leaders, he still has friends.

"He's making a show of highlighting how he's not isolated," said Ben Judah, Putin's biographer and the author of Fragile Empire, a book about Putin's Russia. He recalled how Putin has visited China and India when previously under pressure.

"Russia would like more of a relationship with Egypt. But right now building a stronger relationship is not one of the top 500 priorities for Russia when they've got so much else going on," Judah says.

At the same time, hosting Putin Egypt wants to demonstrate that it is not subject to U.S. foreign policy, says Ha Hellyer, an Egypt specialist at Harvard University's Kennedy school. "There are going to be political benefits to showing that they don't need to be tied and bound to U.S. – they can look to China, and they can look to Russia," Hellyer said.

Photo: nation.com.pk