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EU sanctions ‘with the maximum chances for success’ – Mogherini

EU expanded the list of persons the sanctions will be applied to in the form of a prohibition on entry and the freezing of assets of 19 individuals and 9 entities postponing their imposition until February 16. @vitalits

EU sanctions "with the maximum chances for success" Mogherini

EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini announced the decision of the European Council to expand the list of people subject to the EU sanctions, Joinfo.ua informs. The decision will come into force on February 16, "to give space for our diplomatic efforts to be developed with the maximum chances for success," she said.

"We discussed and adopted the list of additional names of 19 individuals and 9 entities, that will be subject to asset freeze and visa ban, as it was decided to be followed up in our last meeting 10 days ago," Mogherini said after the summit of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

She emphasized that postponing the introduction of sanctions until February 16 the European Union wants to give new diplomatic efforts a chance and rejected the rumors that it was President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko who asked to delay the sanctions.

"We have been consistent in our decisions and united; we count on continuing to do so for the future," Mogherini said.

"Then we will have the opportunity to assess the developments first of all on the ground, but also the developments of this initiative on Thursday with the Heads of State and Government," she added.

Earlier, it was reported that Merkel gave Putin a choice: he either agrees to a peace plan of Poroshenko, or Germany is not going to stop the U.S. if Obama wants to give Ukraine weapons.

Today Barack Obama gave Putin a week to de-escalate the conflict in the Donbas. Obama said that if this week's diplomatic efforts ended in nothing, Russia would face a united and strong reaction of the U.S. and the EU.